The United States Government has a long history using media driven propaganda to scapegoat entire groups of people in order to increase the Federal Government’s reach and power while diminishing our constitutionally protected rights.  For instance, the Federal Government’s decision to force “all persons of Japanese ancestry” into internment camps in the name of national security gained national support through media driven propaganda, and was subsequentially upheld by the Supreme Court in 1944 in Korematsu v. United States. Years later, after the events of September 11, 2001, the government reacted by passing the Patriot Act, unconstitutional expansions in its use and the mass surveillance of United States citizens by the National Security Agency.  As part of the Russia Hoax, Carter Page, an advisor to the Trump Campaign, was illegally spied on based on an altered CIA email by an FBI attorney.  His punishment?  Probation! 

Today, Trump Supporters are type casted as domestic extremists by a media propaganda machine that openly encourages the illegal pretrial detention of United States Citizens by the Federal Government.  DC Central Detention Facility has become Guantanamo Bay for scores of January-sixers whose human rights are violated on a daily basis with the media’s blessing.  While the United States Government has cloaked its thirst for censorship and lust for control in its corporate agents known as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, for the sole purpose of circumventing the Constitution.  This is demonstrated by the fact that at this very moment we cannot meaningfully use our electronic devices absent forced privacy waivers which begets the warrantless government tracking of everything we do.  Demonstrated further by the fact that our liberty interests are being unlawfully intruded upon by a government that demands its citizens produce approved papers before being allowed to travel, worship, or associate.  And by the fact that our elected officials are forming an inquisition to stamp-out the rise of anti-President Biden sentiment.
Their message is clear:  if you object to the November election results or stand against the Biden Administration in any way, not only will you be cancelled, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will put you on a Gestapo-like list, your employer will terminate your job, your freedom will be taken, and then you will be thrown into a gulag for an undetermined amount of time without ever having had a criminal trial.
Our response to the cancel- culture activists:   The Spanish Inquisition was wrong, and so is yours. Stop putting people who disagree with you on enemy lists like how the Nazis and Soviets did.  Communism always fails and socialism equals slavery.  Prepare to lose the greater fight, because the Holy Bible states that the people of God will win.  America is the greatest country in the history of the world.   Richard Barnett’s picture at Speaker Pelosi’s desk has become the face of the new anti-federalist movement.  We will not go gently into that good night.  Click below to donate to the fight.

“Because patriotism is supporting your country all the time, but your government only when it deserves it…”  Mark Twain.